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About me

“I was born unrelentingly creative: normality doesn’t apply to my day to day life, every event is transformed into a creative act. No two days  are the same, whatever I do. Experiencing, creating and believing in the importance of innovation is one of my personal hallmarks. “

At 15 I attended the  creative arts school (Escuela de Artes y Oficios)  in Barcelona. As a child I was known for my abilities with sculpture and clay modelling and I won a few awards, so I decided to take it further. After that came my more formal training, the one your family always says will earn you your living, “these aren’t good times for art”, they said… And as a result, for many years my work was to create trips,  holidays to fantasy worlds, to understand each person’s desires and channel their dreams into a single unforgettable journe. After that, having established my financial independence, my concerns about improving society led to a tactical courtship whith the world of politics, a creative courtship where innovating and re-shaping meant improving society. My foray into politics helped me a lot when it came to having a more global vision within my analysis of social problems. But in this entire trajectory, the world of art always kept me company and nourished me, giving my artistic spirit all it needed through experiences, insatiable visits to museums and all those things that breathe life into those of us who love art. Today, having survived both phases I have decided to dedícate  myself totally to the world of art. Reading a powerful piece of news in a paper and imagine it turned into a work of art has almost become a reflex action  for me. Nothing fulfils me as much as transforming my emotions into art. All that surrounds me gradually changes in my mind into a possible creative work. I feel truly lucky to have reached  this point.


My work is based upon four fundamental pillars:

EXISTENTIAL ART:  This is inspired by reality, social problems, terrifying news, everything that surrounds us captured in an artistic format and normally involves various techniques and works leading to something that encompasses an analysis of the situation.

EXPERIMENTAL ART:  The work consists of materials and techniques that aren’t generally used. Experimenting,  creating with new materials along with the thrill of achieving new and different results from the norm.

DELICATESSEN COLLECTION: These are pieces that are practically impossible to duplicate because of the way they are made. I love clay, working without firing, without enamel and with shapes that don’t fit moulds or ovens. Little works of art which fit perfectly  within a defined framework. These take on shapes that are guided by the material they are made of.  Also in this connection are paper based works, with shapes, textures and sizes that cannot be duplicated : the paper is made by hand in my studio.

ONIRIKS ART : These are works which are uniquely fantastical, generally in larger sizes designed to elevate us to another mental plane , leading to more pleasant sensations. They tend to represent feelings, moods, dreams and help lift our spirits.